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What to Expect From Counselling:

Counselling is a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, however it can bring into awareness, some parts of ourselves that many find temporarily distressing. Acknowledging these "less than helpful" parts can be uncomfortable. It is important to expect a process that is up and down, both fulfilling and challenging at the same time.

Counselling can best be described as an experience that carefully peels back the old layers of who we are, in order to welcome and make room for the new! Inviting ourselves to process the discomfort of change, can foster a sense of confidence and clarity around who we are and who we want to become.

Counselling is a collaborative challenging process, where progress is determined by the clients willingness to participate in their sessions with honesty, curiosity, and commitment. As every client is unique and brings their own distinct set of strengths and challenges, results vary for each individual. Session frequency and treatment length depend on the specific needs of each client. Clients may terminate their sessions, at any time that feels right for them.

Counselling is Confidential and Private ,as a registered counselor all regulatory standards around confidentiality are strictly adhered to and complied with. Clients are informed of the confidentiality parameters in their first intake session. It is recommended that new clients book a 90 minute session for their initial session to allow for adequate time for a full session as well as to spend as much time that is needed to address any questions or concerns about confidentiality and consent.

Payments are made at the end of session, upon receipt of service. Clients that arrive late or do not show up for their sessions will be charged half of the missed session fee ($60 for a 60 minute /  $90 charged for 90 minutes session). Payment is required to be paid within 5 business days of the invoice submission.

24 Hours Cancellation is required to avoid late fee charges. 3 late cancellations and or no shows can result in a referral to another counselling professional.

Client Rights:

  • To determine your own therapeutic goals and objectives
  • To receive counselling that is non-judgmental, caring, and confidential
  • To refuse any therapeutic approaches or treatments that do not feel right for you
  • To ask any questions or bring any concerns to my attention around your therapeutic process
  • To share your personal or spiritual beliefs so therapy can work respectively within your value system
  • To terminate your counselling process at any time
  • To set your own session frequency or scheduling
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