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 Located in Coldstream, British Columbia this office is a private and comfortable space for clients to explore their concerns. This is a quick view of the greeting/session room at Mindful Matters.

Specializing in:

*Couples and Marital Counselling

*Intimacy Recovery for Couples

*Family Therapy

*Depression and Anxiety

*Loss and Grief

*Self-Esteem Building

*Assertion and Communication Skills

*Resolving Conflict

*Sexual Abuse and Childhood Traumas

*Disordered Eating

*Postpartum Depression

*Attachment Issues

*Chronic Illness Support

*Parenting Challenges

*Post traumatic stress

*Adult Children of Alcoholics

Mindful Matters Counselling may be just the right fit for you. Please feel free to call for more information on this service at:

250-784-7041 or email us.

Mindful Matters Counselling is a therapy practice that is focused on a person-centered, attachment-based approach. This modal of counselling encourages clients to  reflect on their childhood experiences to gain understanding of how negative and positive past experiences influence the way we are later in life. We will explore together how these early life experiences are impacting the way we show up in our current life and relationships. 

Therapy aims to help clients gain a clear understanding of who they are and why they are; learning at the same time how to engage the appropriate changes to overcome obstacles.

With guidance and support, clients work towards appreciating who they are through using more compassionate connections to their body, while discovering new aspects of themselves.

Mindful Matters Counselling is a private practice built upon encouragement, self reflection, acceptance, and personal development.

Mindful Matters Counselling will provide a supportive space dedicated to focusing on you and your concerns in a non-judgmental and caring way.

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